Lucid Dreams, the Out of Body Experience
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Lucid Dreams, the Out of Body Experience

Achieving lucidity while the mind is in a state of dreaming can be an extraordinary experience. For one to be lucid, it means they are completely aware of their state of being and surroundings.

Achieving lucidity while the mind is in a state of dreaming can be an extraordinary experience. For one to be lucid, it means they are completely aware of their state of being and surroundings. When you hear talk of lucid dreams, it is referring to a dream in which an individual becomes aware of their state of mind and suddenly realizes they are dreaming. If an individual does not wake from the sudden realization of this and continues to dream while having the knowledge he or she is doing so, then they will have achieved a state of lucidity in their dream. A lucid dream is sharp in picture, and will usually have the feel of leaving ones body behind as though floating away.

The thing that makes lucid dreaming so amazing and so different than a normal dream, is the persons ability to participate in and manipulate lucid dreams. It is argued, the idea that you can become sharply aware of a scene happening inside your head while you are still unconscious, should mean that you can control every aspect of this scene. Since it is your own minds visual representations in the first place, it is not an absurd idea to have the ability to bend your dream to your will if you know your dreaming.

Although it is certainly possible to realize you are having a dream and begin to bend it to your will, it is not exactly the most easy thing to accomplish. It is likely that very many people have experienced a state of lucidity in a dream or an out of body experience without ever realizing it for what it was. It is an easy thing, to surprise or even scare people into waking up in the dead of night, which causes most people to quickly forget the experience.

Lucid dreaming can be accomplished by almost anyone. The only real thing it requires is mental dedication. You must train your brain to recognize a dream and realize what it is, to take control over it. Most places offering to teach one how to lucid dream will suggest using a dairy as the easiest way to train yourself. Writing details of all your dreams down and studying these details daily will eventually train your mind to realize when it has entered a dream state, thus making it easier to become lucid. Reality checks are also an important part of training yourself to lucid dream. Reality checks are effective in revealing your state of mind because a dream is usually NEVER consistent in any way, period.

So every night as you lay in bed, teetering on the edge of sleep, turn over and stare at your clock. Let yourself stay relaxed, yet determinately stare at the time on your clock. When you come to notice that time no longer seems to be changing, or seems to be changing in odd or unspecific ways even though your eyes never left it, you are melding into the dream world. If you can stay relaxed enough to not wake up, yet attentive enough to stay lucid there will be endless possibilities in what you can do in your own dream world. I daresay it would make rising in the morning a mundane task.

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